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We provide an ongoing social media management service.   Social media marketing when used strategically over time is a powerful way to build relationships with your fans, prospects and customers. Social media gives your brand the means to send more messages to more people, very quickly and relatively cheaply.  It’s also a great a great tool for carrying out market research and listening to your target audience in order to meet their needs.  Social media does demand an investment in time, more so than it does in money, which means that an outsourced solution is a great way to let us help you to:  gain the attention of new fans and focus on converting them into customers; encourage interaction through sharing, commenting and posting reviews; drive potential customers to your website landing pages or blog posts; and help build your database by encouraging sign up to a newsletter, webinar or free trial.

Even though our social media or blogging services give you a quantifiable number of monthly posts, our emphasis is always on writing relevant, effective content that builds your brand reputation and focuses on helping you to reach your business goals.  In order to write and publish quality content we will work with you to understand your business, products, services, customers, competitors, marketing strategy and objectives.

Our social media setup service includes creation of your chosen account’s profile, cover photo, profile image and three posts to get you started.  Please provide us with your logo if you have one for use as the profile image or we can suggest 3 suitable stock images or graphics for you to choose from.  

The social media accounts you can choose from are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.  Social media accounts are set up with your existing email address and a password that you can change after completion of set up.  We will show you how to login, read and update your social media accounts, which typically takes an hour or less depending on what you need; this training can be done over the phone or by using a shared screen via Skype.  One hours training is included in the price of initial set up.  

The blog set up includes adding the blogging facility to a new or existing website created for you by us as well as creating 3 new posts and providing you with one hours training to get you started.  YouTube set up includes uploading 1 existing video supplied by you or creating a playlist with 5 links to relevant online videos.

For graphic design, video creation, photo or image sourcing services, the price will depend on your requirements. For additional services such as graphic design, video creation, photo or image sourcing, website content marketing and marketing strategy development, the price will depend on your requirements.  If required, we can also provide a monthly social media marketing service to create and post regular updates on your behalf and provide reports.

Please note prices are VAT exempt (no value added tax).  As a small business we are exempt from VAT on sales within the UK.  Notice updated April 2017.

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