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Our email marketing service includes set up of an email account (Mailchimp), design of an email template and then creation of content.  Following an initial consultation, we’ll work with you to plan a focused email campaign by defining your marketing goals then identifying what message to send and who to send it to.  From your supplied logo, reply-to company email address and contacts list we will set up your individual Mailchimp email account; we’ll create the email design and content; test the email, deliver it and then provide an email report with recommendations.  Follow up emails can then use the same design with refreshed content.  

The 'Forever Free' Mailchimp plan allows for free transmission of up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.  If required we can provide telemarketing services to follow up an email campaign. Please note, for telemarketing, the cost of phone calls or checking numbers against the TPS (telephone preference service) are to be discussed and agreed upon, depending on your requirements.

Email campaign examples range from those that announce your next sale to introducing your latest product updates, ebook, webinar, coupon or free trial.

Emails are a great way to communicate:

-  Latest news and links to blog posts
-  Marketing Offers
-  Announcements
-  Event invitations
-  Product or service launch.

Marketing goal examples include:

-  Driving more traffic to your website
-  Increasing sales or donations
-  Launching new products or services
-  Promoting events
-  Improving customer loyalty with regular updates and special offers.

Please note prices are VAT exempt (no value added tax).  As a small business we are exempt from VAT on sales within the UK.  Notice updated April 2017.

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